Admin's Log

This blog will be used to track administrative changes to the site.

Things I'm actively working on

admin 11 Nov 2020

I'm trying to figure out how to autofill fields in the memorial template page once the cemetery tracker is selected. It looks like it should be possible but so far no luck.

I'm also working on changing how cemetery names are listed in the dropdowns to include geographical information. I thought there was a way to do this but now I can't find it again.

And lastly, I want to see if I can create some kind of photo ranking system.

Added Side Menu Shortcuts

admin 05 Oct 2020

I added a second menu to the left-hand side to show shortcuts to the most common pages. This makes it easier to add content faster.

New Menu Shortcuts

Can now view photo metadata

admin 02 Oct 2020

Adding this to the Display Parameters in the Tracker allows the metadata to be viewed.


So in the Memorial tracker, it's setup like this.


Fixed file size limit

admin 28 Sep 2020

Looks like we lost the PHP configurations with the latest update. We're currently on PHP 7.4.

New max file size is set to 64mb. This may be changed later.

Configuration info here.

New features!

admin 24 Sep 2020

WikiGrave now has a new logo!

New Wg Logo Fs

Also modified a few items for user generated content.

  • New content created by Registered Users will now be assigned to the creator, the assigned users can now modify and delete content that they have created. Registered users cannot modify or delete content created by other users.
  • Created a Moderators user group. Moderators can modify or delete content created by other users and can assign other users to an item to grant them write permission.

I'm still experimenting with some other ideas on how to handle permissions but I'm making progress. At least for now, the site is functional but still has a very conservative control system in place.

Changed out server hardware

admin 24 Sep 2020
Changed out the server hardware a few weeks ago. Confirmed that the instability issue was related to the hardware and not a software issue. We're now running off of a micro PC rather than a Ryzen desktop and it seems to be operating just fine in it's new home. This can easily be upgraded later on.

Admin's Wishlist for 05 July 2020

admin 05 Jul 2020
  • Fix permissions for registered users...
  • * To be able to modify items but not allowed to remove files they themselves did not upload
  • Simplify setting coordinates for item location
  • Search Engine Friendly URL
  • Add a map/list to the Memorial template that shows other Memorials in the same Cemetery that have the same last name/maiden name of the parent Memorial. This would be a great feature for researchers.
  • Copyright???
  • Default items in dropdown selectors?
  • Show how many Memorials and Cemeteries that have been added on the homepage.

User Registration

admin 05 Jul 2020

I added a "Tracker" for registered users and have started implementing settings for registered users. For now I just got a basic user registration form with a couple of antibot features. Registered users are able to create new items but cannot modify any items. I have not found a way to limit a way for users to only be able to modify certain items. It's all or none.

Registration is open :-)

Added features

admin 04 Jul 2020

Added a "Bio" field to the Memorial template for biographies and stories.

Added an "Also Known As" field to the cemetery template for alternate cemetery names.

Popup Bubbles in Maps

admin 30 Jun 2020

Popup Bubbles now appear in maps when hovered over by mouse with this code.

popupstyle="bubble" tooltips="y"

Memorials mapped now shown under Cemetery page

admin 29 Jun 2020

Mapped memorials in a cemetery are now shown on the cemetery page. Just had to add this little bit of code to the Cemetery TPL page.

{MAP(scope="center"  controls="controls,search_location,scale,navigation" width="500" height="400")} {maxRecords=1000}

Image Sorting

admin 21 Jun 2020

Modified image sorting in the Tracker properties to show oldest created image first. This seemed most logical to show pictures in order taken. Often times the last photo taken is the reverse side of a memorial or the secondary veteran memorial.

Image Parameter

Image Descriptions

admin 20 Jun 2020

Image descriptions now appear below an image displayed on a page. Adding this code to the tracker did the trick.



Some minor tweaks

admin 18 Jun 2020

Updated the code on the template data entry pages to automatically redirect to the newly created item rather than back to a new template data entry page.


Also updated the date formatting to dd-mm-yyyy.

Filesystem Issues

admin 18 Jun 2020
I've been having some issues with filesystem corruption. I believe this can be attributed to the computer having some sort of hardware failure rather than failure with the hard drive. I've been periodically needing to run fsck command to repair the disk. I've been using two drives for the server that I manually mirror periodically so I do not believe it is the hard drive failing. I may consider using a different drive to completely rule this out in the future. I may also want to consider using server grade hardware rather than gaming PC parts.

Daily Reboots

admin 28 May 2020
Having some minor stability issues. I'm thinking a daily reboot will solve that for now. Script is set to run daily at 4:00am to reboot the server. Should only take 1-2 minutes to complete reboot.

Created Database Search Pages

admin 21 Nov 2019

Created customized pages for searching the database. It was a lot easier than I thought.

UPS has already been tested and worked during an actual power outage.

Updated permissions and other minor updates

admin 09 Oct 2019

Updated permissions so trackers are viewable to public. Apparently this changes are not automatically retroactive and required hitting edit and save on each tracker item to apply changes. All should be viewable now.

I'm wondering if I can create a custom wiki page to act as a customized search engine for the database rather than providing access to the tracker directly. This will make listing and search even easier and clear.

WikiGrave server is now hosted with a 900 watt UPS to guard against power interruptions.

I'm still playing with fixing the file size limit I'm having with photos. This will cause some older photos to vanish.

Lots added

admin 06 Oct 2019

I've been playing around with lots of things here but have failed to document all developments.

I'm working on having everything located in Tiki Trackers rather than a Wiki page. Trackers is their name for a database. Trackers have the advantage of maintaining a consistent formatting, remove and add data fields across all items, and provides better search indexing. I'm using Wiki pages as the data entry template and formatting for tracker data. One of the challenges of using a tracker will be how file attachments are displayed. This can be tackled at a later time.

I've decided to have the three different trackers. Cemetery, Memorial, Place of Worship. Memorial links to Cemetery, Cemetery looks for linked Memorial, Cemetery looks for linked Place of Worship. I like visiting old churches.

Tiki has been updated to 20.1.

Site backup is currently a manual process by cloning drives.

Things I'm playing with now.

  • Social media connectivity
  • Permissions so trackers and be viewed by anonymous
  • Changing file storage to outside the database and allowing large files. Images over 10mb are refusing to upload at this time.
  • Cleaning up maps
  • Map of all geolocated graves in a Cemetery. I have a complicated idea of how to automatically generate this.
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